Friday, April 28, 2017

Sad to see Baahubali Piracy on Day One!!!!

Baahubali team already started to spread the word to stop piracy!!!

Please email the pirated links to

Though many people think that Baahubali deserves the kind of attention, money and publicity, there are others who are either envy of it Or they really think this is all marketing and making money out of Hype.

500/1000 rupees for a ticket in any multiplex is really too much for a movie in Bengaluru. Even single screens charging any where around 300 rupees.

People now will show this as the reason for the piracy to come up. I strongly condemn piracy for any reason. But the producers also should not be so greedy.

Happy to read some cities in US banning Baahubali till the prices are brought back to normalcy. When English movies can release for less price, how are Indians forced to cough up more.

Same thing is happening in Metro cities in India too (especially Mumbai and Bengaluru). A person can watch a movie on first day in Hyderabad and Chennai for less than 100 rupees.

Whether government should intervene or not? If this is the duty of government to intervene in a free market or open market is debatable though.

But people or society can definitely take a hard stance and fight if they think this is not rational!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Now its the turn of manam

As I have mentioned before in my post abour piracy of eega movie by Rajamouli, the makers come out and shout "Anti Piracy" only when their movie releases….hmmmm.

Now its the turn of Manam, the wonderful movie which I loved very much. Will write about manam movie in a separate post in another blog of mine. Here its about "No Piracy" Only.

Just now saw that manam team is trying to curb Piracy. Here is the news link that says so. Hence my two cents by joining/supporting them!!!

But when I googled, I did get few links within 5 seconds where I can watch the movie. So easily available on net with google.

Manam team needs to work harder may be. All the best guys.

I have watched it in theater and enjoyed it. Will watch it again!!!!

Lets not pirate guys!!! be it music/books/movies - software too where ever and how ever possible.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Google doing a great thing for NoPiracy!!!!

When I searched for Mariyaan(dhanush's latest tamil movie) on google it showed me some links and then a warning that some of the links are banned and will not be shown as they got a complaint and when I opened the complaint link, there are so many pirated songs downloads links there. Here is the link to that complaint given by Sony Music.

People can still goto this link and get the songs' links(All at the same place nicely) but their conscience clearly knows that they are stealing some thing...

Good Job Google!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: When I searched for Mirchi telugu movie, I got all songs and movie download links on google as Aditya Music or the producer did not complain looks like... hmmmm...They got enuf money looks like :P

My standard disclaimer: These are my personal observations and I cannot guarantee that I follow nopiracy all the times. You can read my earlier posts to know what and where I strictly follow nopiracy!!! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Free legal mp3s to download..Hurray!!! Thanks Flyte - Flipkart

Flipkart on the eve of Flyte Birth day celebrations, gives us free original legal mp3s to download.
Limited time offer

Bollywood Hindi Mp3
Jab We Met
some old classics too

Eega(Yes free eega songs)
Businessman(Yes! Mahesh babu starrer)
Yeto Vellipoindi manasu(Ilayaraja Sir's latest)
Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam
Hello brother(Nag)
Rudraveena(Chiranjeevi and balachander)
Nuvvostanante Nenoddananta
Guru (Tamil)

and some good bhajans (Jagjit singh, bombay jayasree etc)
Some of the Best ghajals(ghulam ali and jagjit)

lots of English albums too for free

Use this opportunity to have some legal original mp3s for free

There are many mp3s from 5 rupees each and 28 rupees for entire album. have a look at them

Here is the link to flyte

Lets buy Albums...Lets not pirate

Thanks to Flipkart I have some albums in my Ipad. Till now I had very few albums which I bought. Now I have many!!! I am happy. My wife is also happy.

EDIT : Flipkart decided to close down Flyte services. Bad news :(

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Personal feelings!!!

Copied from my friend/Anna Kiran Chakravarthula's post on FB

Boycotting is all we do when we cannot do anything "real" or anything useful! Why? Oh, because that's easy! We do not anyway know why we celebrate Republic Day and so we boycott it. Huh! It's like saying, "I support Anna Hazare" and downloading pirated films/eBooks/movies/songs or jumping a red traffic signal or riding in triples on a motorcycle. Let's at least realize who we're fighting with or what we're fighting against! It's we who's fighting against US!! 

నీ పయనం ఎక్కడికో నీకు తెలియాలిగా..
ఏ సమరం ఎవ్వరితో తేల్చుకో ముందుగా!

Boycott the Valentine's Day instead, in solidarity for the thousands of nameless victims suffering/dying each day! Or, boycott some other day you celebrate. Your birthday, for example, or your marriage anniversary? More importantly, boycott the slacking attitude towards understanding how the System works or how we can make the System work like it should! Thankfully, the System was not developed to garner some "likes" and "shares"!

The below is what I have answered/commented on the above post

"I support Anna Hazare" and downloading pirated films/eBooks/movies/songs or jumping a red traffic signal or riding in triples on a motorcycle..?? ???? ???????? ???? ??????????..? ???? ???????? ???????? ???????!"

 Perfect Annayaa..... connected with these words.... these thoughts keep coming to my mind regularly..... pratee saaree chaalaa kashtapadi control cheskuntunnaanemo anipistundi.... when every one around me are doing this ...not doing this is so difficult and it looks like I am the one who is WRONG!! hmm Wish I could get at least one supporter/follower/companion of this in my cloooose circle with whom I live on a daily basis....I wish my kid is the one..let me continue this till she is grown up and we shall continue it later :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rajamouli's views on Piracy

Rajamouli's views about piracy(especially replying to NRIs)

I am not sure why only NRIs, the one million downloads he is talking about will have at least 50% here in least 10 to 20 people whom I know would have downloaded it here in India!!

The only thing I do not like about TFI people talking abt piracy is, now SSR talks about it and tomorrow it will be Dil Raju when his film releases..thats all ..No collective effort!!!

Anyways I liked his views about Piracy..again straight forward like him....Read his views at the below link(all taken from rajamouli's google docs posted on his twitter).

Rajamouli's views Consolidated by IdleBrain

here are the actual google docs links given by Rajamouli himself in his twitter account.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Casual Piracy

What all we pirate so casually?

1. Software ( Most of us )
a. Operating system - windows
b. Office tools
c. Adobe DTP or Photoshop tools
d. Others
2. Songs mp3
a. Listening to songs online on raaga, musicmazaa(most of them are not legal I think)
b. downloading from many sites which pose as originals(some clearly say these are pirated)
c. Buy pirated mp3 cds
3. Videos
a. youtube - uploaded without proper permissions
b. watching it online in many unofficial sites
c. downloading
d. buy pirated vcds/dvds
4. Others
a. books/pdfs - being downloaded or bought on footpaths(pirated printed books!!)
b. Games

Can we stop this on a personal level?

Softwares are so expensive to buy :(((
try to buy them when they are in offers n dioscounts(dont buy cheap softwares or OEM versions). Buy laptops or systems with pre installed legal softwares(from brands). This is better.

If not try to use original open source software as much as possible or use google docs or zoho etc(instead of MS Office). Use GIMP(free & powerful) etc instead of photoshop.

Songs can be brought online(not so expensive) . But I coul;d not find any sites that sell mp3 at 5 rupees per mp3(50 rupees per audio cd outisde so 5 per mp3). If I get at this rate I will buy for sure

Movies can be watched at rajshri or teluguone or buy originals at many sites(seventymm or flipkart or teluguone or moserbaer for just 30 to 100 rupees(not at all expensive)

Books are also not as expensive to buy if you really need them. If you need just few pages of it or just some content, you better use google's preview of the books

Lets try to Stop piracy as much as we can!!!!!!!!!