Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Now its the turn of manam

As I have mentioned before in my post abour piracy of eega movie by Rajamouli, the makers come out and shout "Anti Piracy" only when their movie releases….hmmmm.

Now its the turn of Manam, the wonderful movie which I loved very much. Will write about manam movie in a separate post in another blog of mine. Here its about "No Piracy" Only.

Just now saw that manam team is trying to curb Piracy. Here is the news link that says so. Hence my two cents by joining/supporting them!!!

But when I googled, I did get few links within 5 seconds where I can watch the movie. So easily available on net with google.

Manam team needs to work harder may be. All the best guys.

I have watched it in theater and enjoyed it. Will watch it again!!!!

Lets not pirate guys!!! be it music/books/movies - software too where ever and how ever possible.

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