Friday, April 28, 2017

Sad to see Baahubali Piracy on Day One!!!!

Baahubali team already started to spread the word to stop piracy!!!

Please email the pirated links to

Though many people think that Baahubali deserves the kind of attention, money and publicity, there are others who are either envy of it Or they really think this is all marketing and making money out of Hype.

500/1000 rupees for a ticket in any multiplex is really too much for a movie in Bengaluru. Even single screens charging any where around 300 rupees.

People now will show this as the reason for the piracy to come up. I strongly condemn piracy for any reason. But the producers also should not be so greedy.

Happy to read some cities in US banning Baahubali till the prices are brought back to normalcy. When English movies can release for less price, how are Indians forced to cough up more.

Same thing is happening in Metro cities in India too (especially Mumbai and Bengaluru). A person can watch a movie on first day in Hyderabad and Chennai for less than 100 rupees.

Whether government should intervene or not? If this is the duty of government to intervene in a free market or open market is debatable though.

But people or society can definitely take a hard stance and fight if they think this is not rational!!!

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