Thursday, June 27, 2013

Google doing a great thing for NoPiracy!!!!

When I searched for Mariyaan(dhanush's latest tamil movie) on google it showed me some links and then a warning that some of the links are banned and will not be shown as they got a complaint and when I opened the complaint link, there are so many pirated songs downloads links there. Here is the link to that complaint given by Sony Music.

People can still goto this link and get the songs' links(All at the same place nicely) but their conscience clearly knows that they are stealing some thing...

Good Job Google!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: When I searched for Mirchi telugu movie, I got all songs and movie download links on google as Aditya Music or the producer did not complain looks like... hmmmm...They got enuf money looks like :P

My standard disclaimer: These are my personal observations and I cannot guarantee that I follow nopiracy all the times. You can read my earlier posts to know what and where I strictly follow nopiracy!!! :)

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