Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rajamouli's views on Piracy

Rajamouli's views about piracy(especially replying to NRIs)

I am not sure why only NRIs, the one million downloads he is talking about will have at least 50% here in India...at least 10 to 20 people whom I know would have downloaded it here in India!!

The only thing I do not like about TFI people talking abt piracy is, now SSR talks about it and tomorrow it will be Dil Raju when his film releases..thats all ..No collective effort!!!

Anyways I liked his views about Piracy..again straight forward like him....Read his views at the below link(all taken from rajamouli's google docs posted on his twitter).

Rajamouli's views Consolidated by IdleBrain

here are the actual google docs links given by Rajamouli himself in his twitter account.




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