Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Casual Piracy

What all we pirate so casually?

1. Software ( Most of us )
a. Operating system - windows
b. Office tools
c. Adobe DTP or Photoshop tools
d. Others
2. Songs mp3
a. Listening to songs online on raaga, musicmazaa(most of them are not legal I think)
b. downloading from many sites which pose as originals(some clearly say these are pirated)
c. Buy pirated mp3 cds
3. Videos
a. youtube - uploaded without proper permissions
b. watching it online in many unofficial sites
c. downloading
d. buy pirated vcds/dvds
4. Others
a. books/pdfs - being downloaded or bought on footpaths(pirated printed books!!)
b. Games

Can we stop this on a personal level?

Softwares are so expensive to buy :(((
try to buy them when they are in offers n dioscounts(dont buy cheap softwares or OEM versions). Buy laptops or systems with pre installed legal softwares(from brands). This is better.

If not try to use original open source software as much as possible or use google docs or zoho etc(instead of MS Office). Use GIMP(free & powerful) etc instead of photoshop.

Songs can be brought online(not so expensive) . But I coul;d not find any sites that sell mp3 at 5 rupees per mp3(50 rupees per audio cd outisde so 5 per mp3). If I get at this rate I will buy for sure

Movies can be watched at rajshri or teluguone or buy originals at many sites(seventymm or flipkart or teluguone or moserbaer for just 30 to 100 rupees(not at all expensive)

Books are also not as expensive to buy if you really need them. If you need just few pages of it or just some content, you better use google's preview of the books

Lets try to Stop piracy as much as we can!!!!!!!!!


  1. There is a wide and open debate on piracy especially music and movies! i agree that i download 99% of my music and movies, but they are usually of US origin that dont get released here or cds that cost us 999 rps only. Books must never be pirated, i know that sales / collection are far smaller when compared to music and movies..the one point i would like to tell u is that microsoft knows that more than 60% of windows is fake in India / southern aisa but they nothing about it.. Do you know why? some thing to be discussed about :)

  2. I too download but only 10% of them. (Movies music n books) which I want to bring down to 0% shortly.

    Some of them aftyer downloading(previewing) if i feel they are very good, i buy them immediatley.(which is still piracy)

    My second post will be about ur last point. Why MS or Adobe not much worried abt piracy and how piracy makes it advantageous for the companies. Infact I want to advise my company on this(to encourage piracy of our software in select markets to make it popular) :D

  3. Check out for songs. Most albums are $0.99 each, or less than Rs. 50.

  4. annayaa.....
    this looks almost like raaga. I am not sure if this is legal site or not. I have not seen it fully though!!!!

    Even in raaga there are some things you can buy which could be legal but there are so many, which are being streamed and can be listened free which are not legal I guess. Same here too. I dont find any latest movies songs(telugu) on this site. Anyways will check this more.